Design Build Alliance offers a complete range of services from project planning and design through punchlist. Where possible we prefer to begin our involvement early in the planning stages of a project where our input on cost, scheduling and means and methods can help our clients develop their program. We are equally comfortable assembling the design and construction team for our clients or working with a team already in place.

We seek to enter into collaborative relationships with our clients. First and foremost, we want to lead our clients through a smooth and enjoyable process. Home building and remodeling can be emotionally charged experiences involving substantial costs and undefined expectations. Our goal is to understand our clients’ expectations and to meet them. We rely on our clients to be clear with us about those expectations from the outset and to provide us with honest feedback along the way. In return we offer an open book experience. We believe that construction works best when all parties have access to the information needed to make informed decisions and that our role is to facilitate the flow of that information. We deal openly and directly with our clients at all times.

Construction comes together at the corners and edges. Joe and Peter are attuned to the level of thought and planning required to make distinctive designs come alive. We are highly skilled in the process of making unique materials and custom constructions fit together seamlessly. We believe that this attention to detail is important not just to the construction but to all aspects of our work. We provide a detailed line item budget for our clients and report against that budget at regular intervals throughout the project. Our job costs records are made available to our clients at all times. We respond promptly to our client’s questions and concerns.

We are fortunate to have a staff of experienced, long-term employees and a wide network of subcontractors. We are proud to have been able to offer them an ongoing series of extraordinary and challenging projects over the years. Our instructions to them are consistent and focused; Never give us anything less than your best work. They never do and we never will.